Franken Jugg's™ Franken Stein - Empty Mixing Bottle

Franken Juggs™ - Empty Mixing Bottle

For mixing only. Not intended for long term storage. Creating a monster? Our dumbest idea yet is the biggest industry innovation since ... matte nail polish. We made these wide-mouth empty "Franken-Steins" to make the work of frankening a buttload easier. Each Franken Jugg™ comes with 2 ManGlaze® Amazeballs.

  • Wide Mouth Frankening Jug
  • Two Stainless Steel Mixing Balls Included
  • Name your concoction, write it on the label, and share it with others
  • 'Franken Juggs' art by Australian artist Tegan Coddington!
We recommend that you only use ManGlaze® Franken Juggs™ with ManGlaze® Matte Nail Polish, cuz they're just too awesome to hold any glossy crap. It's a good idea to swish or stir instead of shaking, so as to keep the bottom of the wide lid clean. Most nail polish is flammable so please make sure you Franken in a well ventilated area, far away from any type of flame.


We've closed up shop in efforts to help flatten the curve. We figure that our ManGlaze isn't essential to the cause and those delivering food, masks and such will need less of a burden. As soon as things normalize we'll be back with a big dumb #covidisgone sale.

Feel free to look around. You'll notice that all the prices are stupid high. We're not price gouging. The point is just to keep anyone from ordering since we can't easily turn off the store without taking a search hit.

Stay home if you can and stay safe. TTYS!
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