This Never Happened

Can you believe these 8 girls found this really long sofa, made t-shirts and recorded this video for us? I don't. ;)

Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012

ManGlaze Avalanche

This is from the top of Alyeska Resort in Alaska. They actually closed the resort the next day cuz all the rain and wind made for perfect avalance conditions.

Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012

Voivod Fan, the Dowdydiva Reviews ManGlaze

A great big thanks to Cecile for reviewing the ManGlaze! Even if she is putting a topcoat over it! I think it's like putting ketchup on a porterhouse. But hey, sometimes  that shit is good! Click here to go to her review.

Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012

Chicago Retailer Thr3ee adds ManGlaze!

You can now buy ManGlaze Matte Nail Colour at Thr3ee Boutique in Chicago!


About Thr3ee- Introducing a new Lifestyle Boutique, located in the heart of Wicker Park at 1632 w. Division in Chicago. Specializing in Custom Garments by their very own line Chii Clothing Culture. Pick Through Chii's latest designs and place on their own tees, L/S tees and hoodies to create a One Of A Kind Garment as you wait in our plush couches. Thr3ee is also a purveyor of Men and Womens premium brands: everything from Christian Audigier, Edward Dada, SMET, Truth, Rebel Spirit, J & Company jeans and many more. Thr3ee Boutique is destined to be a landmark in the Wicker Park fashion district. Its concept is to give men and women an unparelled shopping experience from start-to-finish. Thr3ee offers sales associates not only knowledgeable in the brands for sale, but also in fit, material and tailoring.

Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012

ManGlaze Skate Banana!

Bwaah!!! That's my 156 Lib Tech Skate Banana â€” all ManGlazed up! If you ride, do yourself a favor and demo one. You won't want to waste your time riding anything else. About the only complaint you could have about the Skate Banana is the donkey graphics. Ok. Really there were no graphics it's just a big banana! And I get it. It was cool for a minute but that big blank canvas was just begging for some art. Thanks to Joe Simko of for the killer design!


Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012

The ManGlaze Yamaha TW-FatAss!

Here's one last glimpse of the ManGlaze Mobile. The TW Fatass is off the streets for the season. I had considered getting or creating a set of studded tires for it, so I could ride through the winter (just like Van Der Beek did in that movie Rules of Attraction). Instead I opted for a Lib Tech Skate Banana w/MagneTraction! I figure I'll get my thrills on a snowboard instead of taking my chances with a Chicago CTA bus or worse, a plow truck


Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012


The other day I heard the news about some jackass who beat a seven year old kid cuz the kid was putting pink nail polish on himself. Presumably, this jackass didn't want the kid to grow up to be something less than a "real" man. What does the act of beating up a seven year old kid make one? Certainly not a man. Maybe not really even a human. So for a short time, I've renamed our Grey and Black Matte Nail polishes. I get a kick out of it.


Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012

Roz Weston is My Hero!

Hardcore-Stud-Party-Manimal Roz Weston (ET Canada) sent us this photo! In it he proves that wearing ManGlaze and having a talented mouth can GET YOU CHICKS!

"It's hard to see - but I wore the grey to a the opening of a new rock bar called "Tattoo" - Toronto..."

Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012

Gettin' Global

So far we've added Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and Norway to the list of countries where ManGlaze Matte Nail Polish is being worn! The most encouraging (and surprising) thing is that everyone that has bought it, loves it! Stay tuned because we've got some really cool stuff coming up in 2008.

Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012


Canadian addicts can now shop us here at!

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