MeliNails Blog's Epic Crime Drama mani & story - Part 1

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The base is @[7010163361:274:ManGlaze™ Original Matte Nail Polish] Fuggen Ugly. The @[109817865740140:274:Bundle Monster] plates used are: bm408 bm414 bm416 bm421

Part 1

It was a rainy, long night as Diaz and O’Boyle entered their favorite neighborhood dive bar. Tonight was a night for celebration as they had just cracked the case of one of the most notorious string of murders to hit Rosewood. “Diaz, my man, we’ve done it”, O’Boyle cheerfully said as he raised a glass. “Thanks”. O’Boyle could tell there was something bugging Diaz, he hadn’t even taken two sips of his beer. “What’s wrong, buddy? You solved one of the biggest mysteries of your life and you’re just sitting there babysitting your drink! You can’t keep anything from me man, I’m your partner” Diaz looked up slowly from his drink. His eyes were bloodshot and the bags under his eyes were getting darker and darker. He had spend nearly six months of his first year becoming detective solving this case, the notorious Rosewood Chopper, the mayor had congratulating him with a plaque of bravery, he received commendations from the chief of police…but still, there was something amiss. “O’Boyle, we’ve done good, but something tells me we got the wrong man”, Diaz cautiously said. “Something about the crime scenes, I don’t think we thoroughly…”. O’Boyle cut him off before he could continue. “Shut the fuck up, and celebrate man!! This is so typical of you. You always need to overanalyze everything. We looked through months and months of evidence, dedicated night after night to this case, and we got the guy! Take it easy and relax, man. Jessica has been sitting across the bar eying you all night, go and talk to her.” Diaz scoped the bar and there she was. Jessica was a fairly new, fairly attractive blonde detective transplanted from Meadow Bluff. She worked closely both with Diaz and O’Boyle on the case…but everyone knew that she had a thing for Diaz the minute she arrived at the station….

Written by ManGlaze — October 23, 2013


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