MeliNails Blog's Epic Crime Drama mani & story - Part 2

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The base is @[7010163361:274:ManGlaze™ Original Matte Nail Polish] Fuggen Ugly. The @[109817865740140:274:Bundle Monster] plates used are: bm408 bm414 bm416 bm421

Part 2

Months had passed since the Rosewood Chopper, as Diaz had moved on to other cases. The string of murders had abruptly stopped after the capture of the notorious low-life psycho, and so the doubt and uncertainty he was feeling melted away as he eased back into his everyday life. Things with Jessica didn’t work out too well, she abruptly moved to a different state in hopes for a better career as a detective in a small town and a better environment, so she put it. They briefly had a fling together, going out on several dates. A lot of people rooted for them, but as Diaz found out, it was hard to date and be with someone he worked so closely with. She was also closed off when it came to discussing her past, the more and more he asked questions, the more and more she became closed off. Here was Diaz, alone again and searching for reasons why she left, why she didn’t trust him to talk about her past. A week before Halloween, he was awoken by a 3 AM call from his partner. He squinted as he looked at his phone and said in a tired voice “O’Boyle you know I’m sleeping, it better be important.” Diaz could tell O’Boyle was out of breath. “Man, get your ass over to Pier 5 NOW! We have a gruesome scene in front of us. It appears as though someone has taken it upon himself to recreate the Rosewood Chopper’s murders. Whoever did this…they wanted to get our attention.” Still in a daze, Diaz could not believe his ears. His head was spinning and he could feel the cold sweat running down his back. All his doubts he had before about the case came crashing down on him at once like a ton of bricks. He had a gut feeling that they had the wrong person in jail and that the Rosewood Chopper was still out there. Six long months spent on that case…only to happen again…

Written by ManGlaze — October 23, 2013


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