MeliNails Blog's Epic Crime Drama mani & story - Part 3

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The base is @[7010163361:274:ManGlaze™ Original Matte Nail Polish] Fuggen Ugly. The "blood" splatter is @[198992439003:274:butter LONDON] LA @[185272544836733:274:Heather Moss]

Part 3 - The Finale

“Can you believe this mess, man? This guy must have been one sick motherfucker to do this” O’Boyle shook his head and said as he stared at the murder scene that lay in front of him on Pier 5. There was blood and guts everywhere, even some body parts were missing. “Do you think we arrested the wrong guy, O’Boyle? I told you I had a gut feeling about it and here we are again. I can’t escape the feeling that the Rosewood Chopper is out there still…and the man we arrested last year was nothing but a cover up.” Not even O’Boyle could refute this claim as things lately weren’t adding up. The crime scene that lay in front of them was one that stared back at them laughing. Laughing at the fact that all their hard work to solve the case was for nothing. O’Boyle looked at his watch and saw that it was almost 6 PM, “Hey man I gotta run home, its Halloween and I promised my kids I would go trick or treating with them. Don’t stay here late, remember you gotta do night duty on Pub Street tonight. Diaz barely heard what O’Boyle said. His mind was wrapped around the case trying to put the puzzle pieces together. Diaz hadn’t realized what time it was until he looked at his phone and saw that it was nearly midnight. He was in a daze when he felt someone tapping on his shoulder. He quickly turned around, gun cocked and ready to go when who does he see? “Jessica? Wha-what are you doing here?” he asked confusedly as he saw her draped in a black robe with a mask on. He instantly recognized her from her long blonde hair and curvaceous body. “Are you surprised to see me, Diaz?” she said brandishing a ninja star in one hand and knife in the other. Diaz was without sleep for nearly 2 days and did not know what was going on. “Jessica, what is this about…what are you doing?!” She walked back and forth in front of him. “Do I look familiar to you, Diaz? Let me refresh your memory. When I graduated high school I was set to go to the university of my dreams. That all changed when I got a call one night from the hospital saying my father, my rock, my everything…was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Sound familiar to you, Diaz? Diaz’s head was spinning, he could not recall what she was talking about. “Listen, Jessica, whatever you went through we can talk about it” he nervously said as he raised his hands in defense. “NO DIAZ, this cannot be worked out. Do you remember who that drunk driver was who ruthlessly killed my father? No, you don’t? It was a newly recruited police officer who thought the law was above him. Someone who thought he could get away with anything. Someone who I knew I had to kill.” It all started coming back to Diaz, he had blocked that incident that happened nearly 5 years ago. Because he was a promising new rookie cop, his police chief had swept that incident under the rug and so no one was ever held responsible for Jessica’s father’s death. “Jessica…I…I…I’m sorry, I was young and I didn’t…” “It’s too late Diaz, I’ve been searching all these years to find you…and now I have you. I had a craving for murdering people…it was fun. I was and have been the Rosewood Chopper and you couldn’t figure it out. And now…I need to fulfill my destiny. Jessica then threw her ninja star directly at his head, killing Diaz instantly. She then proceeded to hack his body up fulfilling her destiny to get revenge on the person who killed her father. “Happy Halloween, bitch!” she laughed as she went off to find her next victim. Her taste for murder was never ending now…

Written by ManGlaze — October 23, 2013


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