Girls That Snowboard Are Hot & Other Less Important Things

PeepShow, the all girl snowboarder film crew we've sponsored for the last few years is really kicking ass! Deservedly so, they've become the darlings of the snowboard film industry. Picking up some really heavy hitters and enduring some heavy hits as well.

Kind of in-line with our interest in the snowboard world, we released our first non-nail polish related product. When we caught our first glimpse of the sixth generation iPod nano, we thought it would work great to wear as a watch/mp3 player while you're riding. So in October 2010, we came up a cool leather bondage cuff and applied for a patent for our specific solution to mounting Apple's tiny device. This was all new ground for us but I think we nailed it. Several have hit the market since but most of them are silicon cheapos. We naturally picked the leather bondage cuff look, cuz if you've got 8 or 16 gigs of music on your wrist, you're ready to RAWK! It works great if you like to listen to music while you skate, snowboard because the headphone wire ends up protected in your sleeve.

The RAWKband comes in 5 different colors and it's made in the U.S.A. Rumor has it that Apple is going to be changing their design of the nano. It looks like they may get rid of the clip. We'll have to see, but if you want your tunes on your wrist now, take a look at what we came up with at and also at  


Back to the world of matte nail polish. Within the last couple months we finally came through on our promise to give you the Original ManGlaze Matte Finish in some new COLORS! We released a new matte pink called "Fuck Off & Dye". Thanks to Dean, one of our Facebook buds, for giving us that name! Because some people have smaller, more innocent people that live with them, we also sell the same matte pink in a bottle we call Blue! 

Last but not least, we turned our attentions overseas to the Royal Wedding. Inspired by the sapphire ring (Lady Diana's) - William gave Kate, we released Royal Matterimoaning (get it?), matte sapphire blue  nail polish. It's the same great finish you've come to love but now even more Klassy!

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