New iPod Nano RAWKband Designs Currently Being Hammered Out

We've been experimenting with all sorts of different things thanks to suggestions from our fans & followers. One that is coming up next will be a vegan version. More info on that later. Right now we've got a couple different takes on providing a little ventilation. Also, it's a great excuse to punch up the style of the RAWKband a bit. One hole pattern is a straight grid that for some reason reminds me of the kids game Battleship. The other one, that looks like the casing of the Apple G5 tower, was something we wanted to do from the start but we weren't sure how well it'd work. It was a good idea to wait because the holes don't really look right on some of the colors, namely hellvis and yerma. We're doing these all by hand now in order to test them out and see how well people like them. Feel free to chime in and let us know which design you like the best.


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