ManGlaze® has some treats in store for a few lucky Apple fans! If you're headed to the opening of the new Apple Store at North & Clybourn in Chicago, be sure to follow

The RAWKband goon-buggy will be cruising the block, blasting some tunes and hooking up a some Apple fans with the best watch band for the iPod nano. We'll be giving hints to help you out via twitter so stay tuned between 12pm and 4pm. FIRST HINT: Keep an eye out for Sid.

HINT #2 Listen for the song Happiness by Hagfish

• Follow @nanoRAWKband
• Tweet at us & mention #AppleRAWKsNorthAve also
• Let us know what kinda noise pollution we should be blaring while we cruise the block, or
• Let us know what you think of the RAWKband
• Post this link

Note: iPod nano is not included but they sell them at the Apple Store.


Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012


We've closed up shop in efforts to help flatten the curve. We figure that our ManGlaze isn't essential to the cause and those delivering food, masks and such will need less of a burden. As soon as things normalize we'll be back with a big dumb #covidisgone sale.

Feel free to look around. You'll notice that all the prices are stupid high. We're not price gouging. The point is just to keep anyone from ordering since we can't easily turn off the store without taking a search hit.

Stay home if you can and stay safe. TTYS!
Canadian addicts can now shop us here at!

NOTE: Customers in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico - Please contact us before ordering. Special handling charges apply for air shipments.