CHICAGO, ILLINOIS October 19, 2010 – Revolutionary matte nail polish creators, ManGlaze® INK., announce intentions to dominate musical geekdom with their new RAWKband watch band for iPod nano!

The RAWKband is a low-profile leather restraint designed specifically for the iPod nano. With RAWKband's James Bondage Dual Snap™ technology, this manacle will fit most wrists. Just like all Apple fans, the guys at ManGlaze INK. are certainly not easy to please when protecting their rocker chic identity. RAWKband cuts to the core by supplying both fashion and functionality in five kick ass colors! This iPod love-shackle allows the nano to be mounted in a up-the-arm, sleeve-friendly position. This eliminates the dreaded wire dangle, which in turn frees up the user to skateboard, snowboard or just stand around and loiter while still looking metal.

ManGlaze knows that today’s distinguished dirtbag demands substance, style and accepts no excuses. RAWKband delivers relentlessly on all fronts. With such handsome styling, the only drawback is that within minutes of strapping one on random hotties will be yanking at your headphones for a better look at your arm candy. 

ManGlaze is an independent company whose under-culture appeal first struck with their original ManGlaze matte nail polish and Franken Juggs nail polish mixing jars.


All ManGlaze® products are manufactured in the U.S.A. 

ManGlaze® is privately owned and based out of Chicago, Illinois. ©2010 ManGlaze® INK. 


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iPod nano is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Written by ManGlaze — February 15, 2012


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