RAWKband - RAWK out with your clock out!

RAWKband by ManGlaze® is the first leather bondage wrist cuff designed to optimize the new Apple iPod Nano's clip on design and rotating screen to be used as a watch and MP3 player. The RAWKband features a unique low profile design that allows the clip of the iPod Nano to lock in securely. The user will have access to the control buttons along the side like a typical watch while also allowing the headphone jack to be positioned toward the wearer's arm so that the headphone cable can go up the sleeve — ideal for wearing under a jacket or long sleeve shirt. This is the ONLY watchband that positions the headphone jack this way!

RAWKband is made with high quality leather in the U.S.A. featuring two sets of snaps to fit a variety of wrist sizes. Currently available in black, with more colors coming soon. Expected ship date: 10.20.2010

RAWKband™ is the most kick ass watchband for the new iPod nano! 

 Note: iPod nano is not included.


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