MatteAstrophe & Hot Mess - Two Versatile & Funky Matte Top Coats

FINALLY! After years of screwing around and trying to get the shit right, we have 2 new products for you! Click BUY below and check out the graphics Joe Simko did this time around.

Everyone's been bugging us for new colors and YES those are still in the works. But as many of you have requested, suggested and demanded we're finally bringing you matte top coats! With ManGlaze clear Matte-Astrophe you can destroy any pretty glossy nail polish you want and sometimes even get a wicked "Crackle" effect! Put on whatever wack glossy color you want, make sure it's FULLY dry, then watch the battle play out.

We've also created ManGlaze Hot Mess! It's another sick matte topcoat that's just got stupid amounts of bling in the bottle! Put it over white and it looks like Christmas. Go over red and it looks like my old Sears Silvertone. Try it on a metallic and it's like those old fiberglass dunebuggy's. Send us pics!


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