Matte Crackle Nail Polish & Mayo

Crap. We haven't had much to say for a long time. It's probably cuz I suck! That and the fact that we've been too damn busy. 

Besides spreading the matte love on a day to day basis, we've been beating our long promised matte white Mayonnaise into submission. I originally wanted a super blingy winter wedding white but we couldn't make it happen in one bottle. So instead we created Hot Mess clear/bling matte top coat and Mayonnaise matte white. This is the Fishdicks & Mayonnaise combination we're often joking about. 

Hot Mess Bling Top Coat Over Mayonnaise

If you've been keeping tabs on us at or you've probably seen that we've been trying to get a list together of other brands and how they work with MatteAstrophe. Sometimes it makes this awesome brush stroke directionally adjustable crackle! Sometimes it's just smoove matte tc. If you get the stuff and learn something, spread the word or hit us back. We've seen some awesome combinations, so keep sending us pics! 

We've got another new idea coming your way. We hope you think it's super cool and laugh your ass off. You'll know it when you see it.

Playing with MatteAstrophe's Crackle Nail Polish Effect

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