Random Feedback

Here is what some of our customers have said to us about ManGlaze. It's pretty funny that even though most of our customers are guys, we pretty much only hear back from our female clientele. I'm that kinda guy too though so I can't really blame the guys:
"I have to say how impressed i was with the speed of the delivery. Received it on Friday 16th. Fantastic. One of my friends ordered it and i loved it so much i thought i should get my own rather than use all of hers. Will definitely be coming back for more. Thanks heaps"

"The Manglaze has arrived. Off to paint my nails now and amaze all my friends.... Thanks,"

i LOVE the black polish - it reminds me of mountain bike tires. i'd name it Nubby Tires.

"i just got the nail polish and the gray is awesome and so is the black. i plan on ordering more bottles of both in the future, thanks again!"

"It's simply excellent. I love it. Though at first I thought it was glossy.... (maybe let people know it's glossy when wet....!) It actually the best nail varnish ever ... The bottles are a wicked design too btw!

"Our Spa recently received two of your Polishes ... and I must say that I am completely impressed by both polishes. I will be ordering/adding these colors to our current selection. Kudos for the innovation!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the man glaze today. Yay! Just finished testing it out and it looks lovely! Just like some 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper.. "

" I love the polish, I got it Wednesday, Super fast!! I'll send pictures soon. Thanks!"

"still wearing the black stuff from the weekend, despite a few odd looks, it actually went down pretty well. Will be sticking with it!"

"i got it yesterday, i thought i'd have to wait at least a week, thanks heaps! I absolutely love it, I haven't tried out the black nail varnish yet, but the grey one is fantastic, goodbye to pink nails! I'll send you pictures as soon as I've made some. Thanks heaps, I'm really pleased I ordered from you and will definitely recommend you to my mates!"

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